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Desiccant Dryair Systems Ltd.
6 Langdale Business Park 
Whitegate White Lund Industrial Estate 
United Kingdom 

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20 years of Passion about Precision Engineering

Desiccant Dry Air has been providing cutting edge technology and the best quality service to the machine tool industry for the last 20 years.

company profile

We are highly experienced in precision machining and design. In particular, we offer machining services in CNC Turning, CNC Milling and Conventional machining on Multi-Axis Lathes and Milling centres. Applying the latest manufacturing technologies allows us to maintain the highest level of quality and service. We also guarantee our products are created with a high level of customer care to your exacting specification and tolerances, covering unrealistic manufacturing times.

100% Delivery 

Covering Unrealistic Manufacturing times

To meet your Expectations 

We realise and undertake challenging requirements, while maintaining tight deadlines and providing high quality at low costs.

We have dedicated software for spatial design, which is able to create virtual models of detail which significantly reduces the execution time. 

With high accuracy and precision we undertake intricate components to create custom and complex shapes. We are experts in processing stainless steel and tool steel, brass, titanium and aluminium.

Our range of specialist service:

Delivery on time

clockWe respect our partners. Therefore, all projects are made within the prescribed period.

Precision engineering

deliveryThe services and machining capabilities we provide require high precision and accuracy. We strive to make our products stand out with superlative quality.

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