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Achilles UVDB registered/verified 

Desiccant DryAir is now a verified member of the Achilles UVDB utilities supplier register. 

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DES CNC Machined Impeller Shafts

We recently CNC machined from 316 and 304 stainless steel, two impeller shafts on our 4 axis lathe, featuring 12mm and 18mm keyway slots.

These are to be used to drive two Large impellers 


We have recently taken order on a new swivel head band saw.

This gives us the ability to cut different size box section and bar at specified angles that would otherwise prove extremely difficult without the saw's capabilities to swivel round the blade at angles of up to 105 degrees.

We Machined 30 aluminium pulley wheels for a project we undertook.

In the last couple of weeks we have completed a Large scale staging project.

Delivery on time

clockWe respect our partners. Therefore, all projects are made within the prescribed period.

Precision engineering

deliveryThe services and machining capabilities we provide require high precision and accuracy. We strive to make our products stand out with superlative quality.

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